Ginger Root Records OZ TRIPS

Click on the images to check out photos and narrative of our first two trips to Australia in 1999 and 2001.

Oz Trip The First
, July-August 1999

In which Randy Graves & Brandi Chase wander Australia visiting many sites and people of interest, including time in Arnhem Land with Djalu' Gurruwiwi & family. This is the more comprehensive site, featuring more parts of Australia, and details on making didgeridoos and woven craft in Aboriginal styles.

Oz Trip The Second
, May-June 2001

The Magical Didjeri Tour, in which Randy Graves & Brandi Chase lead an intrepid group of friends & didgeridoo fans on a trip to Australia, primarily featuring visits with David Hudson & Djalu' Gurruwiwi. This is the more beautifully designed site, with a few activities not covered in the first trip, such as a stingray hunt.